Operations Analyst Intern

28800 Ida St Valley Nebraska 68064-8016 Why Valmont Welcome to Valmont, where a world of opportunity awaits. When you join our team, you become part of a passionate group dedicated to changing lives and conserving resources around the globe. We want problem solvers who roll up their sleeves to foster progress and innovation for all people. At Valmont, we provide infrastructure, irrigation, tubing and coatings to the world. We strengthen cities. We nourish croplands. We design, manufacture and coat. Our products and services make a difference. Join us, and BUILD YOUR WORLD. A Brief Summary of This Position: As the Operations Analyst Intern, you will get exposure to the day-to-day workings of the Production Control, Purchasing, Operations and Warehousing departments in Valmont?s Irrigation division. You will have the opportunity to become aware of the scheduling, procurement, production, shipping, warehousing, inventory and lean processes at our Valley location. You will also assist a specific department with continuous improvement tasks. You will be given specific responsibilities related to learning a trade or business. The Operations Analyst Intern will report directly to the Vice President of Operations. Valmont?s internship program mission is to provide a hands-on learning experience through project work, leadership development, job shadowing and interaction with senior leadership. Essential Functions: Project specific duties regarding scheduling and purchasing Analyze our current production and warehousing procedures and present recommendations Perform time studies as needed Use lean tools to recommend changes and efficiency gains Work on Lean methodology and efficiency from a manufacturing standpoint Visual Management Receive guidance from Operations, Planning and Purchasing department Get exposure to standardization of processes Acquire knowledge of operations management while learning more regarding Valmont?s manufacturing and strategic capabilities. Required Qualifications of Every Candidate (Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities): Junior, Senior or Graduate level standing within an Engineering, Operations Management or Supply Chain degree The ability to work part time starting in January 2019 A strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point Self-starter Business acumen The ability to work well in a team environment Passion and integrity with the drive to excel and deliver exceptional results Benefits: Great opportunity to gain career related course work experience from an industry leader Paid Internship ? Valmont values you Potential development into a regular full-time position Flexible full-time day shift hours during the summer A thriving culture in a growing business Interactive group activities with intern peers Working Environment and Physical Efforts: The Operations Analyst Intern works primarily in an office environment, but also out in the plant facility. The employee needs to move around the plant in all types of weather conditions during a small portion of each day. Most of the time is spent at a desk working on the computer and speaking over the telephone. This position does not normally require any overtime work and with the exception of a few weeks a year, the workload can be completed within a forty hour work week. Although some of the administrative task can seem repetitive or mundane, they are a vital part of the essential functions of the role. The employee needs to be able to understand, work and follow the safety rules of all areas of the facility including the use of personal protective equipment where required. The Operations Analyst Intern needs to be able to move about the plant and manufacturing areas of the facility during approximately 25% of the daily shift. Although the range of motion necessary to successfully complete this role is considered light to moderate, the position can require extended standing, squatting and some light lifting. There are areas of the plant that need to be accessed that can only be reached by climbing stairs. This administrative positon requires more mental stamina than physical strength. There are no unique visual or hearing requirements, but the employee does need to be able to listen to colleagues on the phone, talk and see data that can be in small font. As with many administrative positons, there is an extended amount of sitting and looking at the computer screen. The position requires a limited amount of physical exertion and may require the use of some small hand tools including label maker and scissors. There is a minimal amount of lifting, carrying, bending, kneeling, pivoting, reaching, handling, gripping, grasping and stair climbing. The incumbent is not required to climb ladders or lift objects above 50 lbs. When there is significant movement of material, there is a dolly available in the office area. Valmont encourages using the buddy system for any heavier lifting that may be needed. Forklift and hoists are available in most areas in the plant although it is rare that the Operations Analyst Intern would need to move something heavy out in the facility. The most common object lifted by this employee would be box of office supplies. Valmont does not discriminate against any employee or applicant in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, genetic information, veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. If you have a disability and require any assistance in filling out the application for employment, call (402) 963-1115 or email EEOCompliance@Valmont.com.

Don't Be Fooled

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